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Product Apparel + A Letter to Juice Magazine

Dear Juice Magazine,
I finally decided to subscribe to your mag for 3 reasons. #1) It rules, #2) I can never find it in stores, and #3) I wanted to support the mag instead of belly aching about the publishing industry. Web mags will come and go, but a good mag can be put on the shelf and viewed again later. Since so many crappy magazines have gone out of business recently, I decided to subscribe to a few that are worthy of staying around in print. Hopefully others will do the same.

Keep up the good work and thanks for the swag!

– Watson

PS. Hope your screen printer guy is doing better. Nice to see he has his priorities straight.


Juice Magazine apparel. T-shirt + hat.


Letter from Juice Magazine

The hat makes me look like I am 16 but I dig it. Subscribe to your favorite mags so they can stay in business and replenish their ink-jet cartridges. God bless print. Amen.

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Jay Watson
San Francisco Bay Area based lifestyle and people photographer Jay Watson shoots editorial, apparel, automotive, corporate, and sports subjects for commercial clients. Published in over 70 magazines.

3 Responses to Product Apparel + A Letter to Juice Magazine

  1. See, this is the kind of stuff I’ve been talking about. They are an example of a skate magazine getting it right. It’s the only mag out there that really hits on the stuff I like to read. Reminds me…time to finally get a subscription instead of picking up a copy here and there. Way to motivate Jay! Later man – Zig

  2. hi jay …
    this post , is very inportant , for the magazines lovers . (like me )
    around the world have some a lot of bad mag , that just think in bussiness and money , and make some true fellings
    true culture , and way of life , ina product to sale .
    We need to support true mags. I support true mags too .
    true fellings , in the actual world is a dififcult to see .

    see ya friend
    wee keep in touch .

    ciro bicudo
    a.k.a organik

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