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California Junior Rodeo at Woodside, CA

Bull on the loose at the junior rodeo in Woodside, CA
Bull rider at the California Junior rodeo in Woodside, Ca.

California Junior Rodeo series at Woodside, CA

These images were photographed at the California Junior Rodeo series which visits Woodside, CA each year on July 4th. I have shot a few rodeos including a nationals, but some of my favorite rodeo images have come from this little Woodside event. It’s throwback Americana. I have no idea what happened to the driver of this vehicle, but I hope he enjoyed the ride!

I almost wrote an entire post about getting access to cool locations. Enjoy this song instead…Two Big Bull Inna One Pen.

4 Responses to California Junior Rodeo at Woodside, CA

  1. Great shot as always Jay. Unfortunately, YouTube is blocked at the office, so I’ll have to tune in to the song later tonight. No bulls running loose in Baltimore….but plenty of other animals on the streets 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. “I almost wrote an entire post about getting permission and access to cool locations”
    Please do! That is the stuff of legends, let alone blogs.

  3. Could this be the pic that earned you the International Photography Award honorable mention announced this morning? 🙂

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