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Frank Kozik Likes To Smoke.

Frank Kozik vinyl toy Camo El Panda. ©JayWatson


Artist Frank Kozik used to have a studio across the hall from my office in San Francisco. It is a dream space for building anything from a car to a toy sculpt. FK has owned Man’s Ruin record label, worked for top ad agencies, published books, designed skateboard graphics, and is now a very well known toy maker to the collector market. A personal note about FB… he hates Kaiser Wilhelm II, loves Mopar, and is known to give history lessons steamroll-style. You’re gonna hear it, if you like it or not.


Product Photography of Frank Kozik Vinyl Toys

More info on Kozik:
Kid Robot
Dude is on wikipedia and IG.

4 Responses to Frank Kozik Likes To Smoke.

  1. Schweet toys. Great job making them literally pop off the page. They will look sick on metallic paper. Please shoot me some info when you have a few.

  2. Kozik’s toys are one of the few toys that I look forward to checking out, especially his Dictator Sculpture Series. Fantastic job photographing these toys. They look great!

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