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Fashion Photography for Ellera featured on Lexar

Fashion shoot for Ellera womenswear brand. San Francisco, CA. © Jay Watson Photography featured a fashion shoot I did on their home page. It covers a fast pace catalog look book style assignment for the San Francisco clothing company Ellera. More work goes into a clothing shoot then you might think. Read Behind A Clothing Shoot to see the rest.

3 Responses to Fashion Photography for Ellera featured on Lexar

  1. Hi Jay

    I found you with google in Behind A Clothing Shoot article and i would like ask you about one troubles that arise me with some clothes with grid patterns: the pictures don’t look well, i cannot describe what happened:

    i see you have some expertise and if you have a moment, perhaps you coud help me.

    please check this page, and look article 037, 039 or 040, they look pixelated, or like moire pattern.

    the full images are good, the problem arise when i resize down that images
    see in

    could you see the problem, do you know how to ‘name’ this problem, have you any advice to resize down the full image?

    thank for your time,

    Best Regards, Pescadito

  2. Hey Pescadito
    I checked out the images and even downloaded 037 and viewed it at 100% in PhotoShop. The pattern you are seeing is moiré and definitely not caused by noise. The weave/pattern in the clothing is conflicting with the uniform pattern of the pixels on the digital sensor. When these pattern cross at the not-so-sweet spot it can create a nasty looking third pattern – aka moiré. It is hard to remove completely with certain subjects like the pattern in 037, but if you notice it while you are shooting it can be reduced by:

    1) Shoot RAW and process in Nikon Capture NX. The Nikon software is a little better at reducing moiré than ACR and LR – only option after an image has been shot.
    2) Changing your distance from camera to subject.
    3) Change the angle of the camera or subject – may still cause moiré in other areas.

    Your image looks better at 100% view but moiré shows more at reduced percentages (this is normal). If you resize it down closer to your exact needs you’ll reduce the moiré.

    Hope this helps. Nice job on the shoot.

  3. Hi Jay

    I to much thank you for
    – your fast response
    – your expertise advice!

    I will follow your tips!

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