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1930s Editorial Fashion | Garage Magazine

Editorial fashion 1930s theme for Garage Magazine.
Editorial fashion inspired by the 1930s Dust bowl for Garage Magazine

Shooting Editorial Fashion

For years I have been wanting to do a period theme piece based on young 1930’s travelers who rode the rails to escape the Dust Bowl and Great Depression. I was able to convince the fellas at Garage to let me have a go at it, and after much collaboration it’s finally in print. The scope of the project had to change slightly in order to fit within the budget and creative needs of the magazine. Everything was shot in the San Francisco Bay Area, but some of the location scouting took me to Salinas and Sonora California.



I was leery at first to give up some of my original ideas, but overall I am very pleased with the end result. This project comes after years of thoughts, a month of planning, a week of location scouting, and 10 hours of shooting. Our clothing stylist Malia was the unsung hero on this shoot. Her choices really helped bring the 1930’s to the camera and she was still able to keep the clothing relevant for today. My favorite part of the shoot was picking out props from a friends garage and a killer little antique shop in San Carlos, CA.

It is difficult to get approval for personal projects from a magazine. They have to showcase their vision first and foremost, and then find a budget. Photographers can’t take it personal. This piece has taught me that it can work out and everyone can get what they need.

Thanks to the entire crew…
Art Direction: Brian Bounds
Production Coordinator: Monica Merker
Assistant: Joe Reifer
Wardrobe Stylist: Malia Miyashiro
Stylist Assistant:
Ewa Davis
Hair/Make-Up: Trish Ward
Female Talent: Molly Ferguson courtesy of Jada Ogden & Look Talent
Male Talent: Paul Catches, Scotty Strebel, Shea Shawnson courtesy of Garage Magazine
Location: Al McCracken and the Niles Canyon Railroad

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Jay Watson
San Francisco Bay Area based lifestyle and people photographer Jay Watson shoots editorial, apparel, automotive, corporate, and sports subjects for commercial clients. Published in over 70 magazines.

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  1. I saw this spread in a Garage magazine in person last weekend. It looks great, reminds me a bit of your Broken Down Heroes piece. Congrats on realizing your personal project and props to your stylist.


  2. Great photos. I grew up with one of your models – Shea. Would love to reconnect with him. Pass on my name/e-mail if you would.


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