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Indycar Driver Dario Franchitti At The Office

“Introducing…… Dario—oooo   Franchitti—iiii.” Here are some pre race photos of Indycar race driver Dario Franchitti at the office. On this day the office was Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Dario (freaking!) Franchitti
Dario Franchitti’s introduction at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. (The awesome filmmaker Eric Goodfield at left.)
Dario Franchitti works the crowd.


Franchitti Facts

• 4x Indycar Series Champion: 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011
• 3x Indianapolis 500 Winner: 2007, 2010, 2012
• 239 starts under his belt between the CART and IZOD IndyCar Series
• 151 top-10 finishes
• 108 top‐five
• 26 poles
• 31 wins
• Has raced: CART, NASCAR Truck, NASCAR Sprint Cup, AMLS, Indycar
• Born in Scotland
• Once married to actress Ashley Judd


Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti before the race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Dario Franchitti during his pre race ritual. Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Tips For Shooting Motorsports Events

  1. Don’t even think about bothering the pit crew, drivers, and definitely stay out of the way.
  2. Bring plenty of media storage cards. You’ll be shooting/editing more than usual. Maybe a few thousand images.
  3. If you take a souvenir home with you from the track, just consider yourself uninvited to ever shoot there again.
  4. Better have some liability insurance if you want access. $2,000,000 in coverage should do. This isn’t your local pinewood derby race.
  5. Carry everything you need via backpack or speed belt. Chapstick, sunblock, earplugs, Advil, hat, energy drinks, and snacks are just as important as your camera.
  6. Study the course the week before the race. Scout early to learn how to access the best spots before the race begins.
  7. If you have access codes to locked gates – lock them when you are shooting, and make sure they are locked when you leave. You could get pulled from the track if someone unauthorized slips in because of your mistake.
  8. Be nice to the flag workers. They might show you a good spot.

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  1. @Amy-thanks! The behind the scenes pageantry of Indycar racing is one of the most interesting things about the sport. I’m sure other motorsports are the same. Dario definitely seems intense.

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