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Portfolio | Motorsports and Automotive Photography

As a lifestyle and automotive photographer, I get tied up on long shoot days or editing behind the computer. After meeting deadlines, I often hold off promoting what I just finished and skip to the next job. It’s an ironic cycle because I really enjoy building new portfolios. So I finally scheduled myself to build a portfolio of motorsports and automotive photography. They keywords – I “scheduled myself.”

This collection comes from some playoff-level assignments shot for clients including: Audi sportscar experience, Mercedes-Benz, Motorcyclist Magazine, Porsche, Simraceway, and more. I will certainly add new trophies to this portfolio over time.. So far these are my all-stars.

Photo gallery of automotive and motorsports work | Jay Watson

FAQ: Do you they ever let you drive the cars?

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Jay Watson
San Francisco Bay Area based lifestyle and people photographer Jay Watson shoots editorial, apparel, automotive, corporate, and sports subjects for commercial clients. Published in over 70 magazines.

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