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Covered: Untitled (Porsche. San Carlos, CA)

Covered: Porsche. San Carlos, CA © Jay Watson Photography

About the shoot: “Covered”

I have been working on a series titled “Covered.” I started seeing covered cars everywhere a few years ago and have been going out to find candidates a few times a month. It is a nice change from commercial work, but it has it’s frustrations. There are plenty of covered cars in California, and their popularity is something I find interesting. It says something about the lifestyle and culture of California. The biggest challenge is the locations. Often the cars are parked in driveways with distracting elements in the background. There almost always seems to be too much foliage, too many trees, too much house, not the right house, not enough profile, etc… This visual noise takes away from the form that is naturally created by the covering.

Technically these are very simple photos, but the hunting and gathering is where this project will succeed or fail. Time spent searching for locations and making final image selections is more important than the camera work. The image above might make the final cut, or it might hit the cutting room floor. I won’t know until I have more gems.

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