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Fly Fishing at Mammoth Lakes | G-Project Gear

This was one of the most rewarding jobs I ever worked on. Below are a few of my favorite selections and behind the scenes photos at Mammoth Lakes, CA for a lifestyle series with adventurers and woodworkers Michael and Jacob Forrer of Repurposed Grain. The project was created to accompany new product launches for G-Project Gear, makers of great sounding ruggedized Bluetooth wireless speakers.

You’ll notice superstar Nils Carlson behind a Black Magic Design URSA 4K cinema camera in the behind the scenes photos. We covered fly fishing, hiking, and rock climbing with the brothers at some world class locations in Mammoth Lakes and Bishop, CA, and a video from this 5 day travel series will be released shortly. We also partnered with a few companies to help make the shoot possible, and for it to get more visibility for everyone involved.

High fives to: Westcott – Lighting for the photos was supplemented with the Rapid Box XXL and provided courtesy of Westcott. The Rapid Box XXL is a 48″ octabox that set’s up incredibly quick, and was perfect for full length portraits on location. Lexar – Camera media cards were supplied by Lexar. Goal Zero – Power was a big concern for a 5 day shoot in back country, and we had a bug with our solar powered Yeti 400 generator. Goal Zero sent a replacement unit to a FedEx pick up spot in Mammoth just in time. Refueled Magazine – Photos from this series are featured in issue 16 of Refueled Magazine as an editorial piece and interview with the Forrer Brothers. Follow editor Chris Brown and his epic beard on IG.



You can view the entire fly fishing gallery at Mammoth Lakes with the Forrer Bros series here. Inspiration on the shoot came from the sounds of “New Speedway Boogie,” by The Grateful Dead. Let’s go on location, play hillbilly music at 4am, and drive down dusty forest service roads.

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