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Rock climbing at Mammoth Lakes | G-Project Gear


To follow up on the previously posted fly fishing shoot at Mammoth Lakes, here some selects and behind the scenes photos from the adventure lifestyle and rock climbing series with Michael and Jacob Forrer of Repurposed Grain at Mammoth Lakes, CA. The project was created to accompany new product launches for G-Project Gear, makers of ruggedized Bluetooth wireless speakers.



Shooting Video and Stills On Location

It made for some very long work days, but the packaged deliverables were very exciting. We delivered (10) teaser video clips, (1) full 3 min video edit, countless behind the scenes outtakes, and (2) complete image galleries with 30+ images each. Work from this series was featured in Refueled Magazine, several social accounts like Gear Project, Born To Hike, Westcott Lighting, and Lexar. Lastly, some portraits from this series won first place in Rangefinder Magazine’s Lifestyle Photo Awards. So on top of the actual assignment, this project involved a lot of additional outreach to help it get more eyeballs.

The URSA. For this production we also shot video in 4K with the Black Magic Design URSA cinema camera to cover fly fishing, hiking, and rock climbing at Mammoth Lakes and Bishop, CA. The URSA is an anvil to lug around in back country, but it’s gorgeous. Some video scenes have been released on G-Project Gear’s social media feeds, and the full video from this 5 day travel series will be released in the future. In the meantime, here is a fly fishing shortie to wet your beak on the URSA’s image quality.



You can view the entire rock climbing gallery at Mammoth Lakes with the Forrer Bros series here. If you’re ready to eat avocado and hard boiled egg sandwiches from the back of a truck on location – then let’s go.

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