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Video: The Forrer Brothers at Mammoth Lakes, CA

Before I picked up a single camera for this shoot I wrote down a some things to help guide us through the trip. A few sentences became a semi mission statement for going to Mammoth Lakes, and to explain why I wanted to use Michael and Jacob as subjects. I referred to these words several times while writing out the shot list and while editing the work.

“Michael and Jacob Forrer, brothers from an Indiana family of 5 siblings formed Repurposed Grain. Building items from reused and reclaimed wood. Giving old stock a new purpose. As our world has become more digital, there is a newfound appreciation for things handmade, well made, and timeless. Wood, hammers, pencils, nails, saws. Simple objects used by craftsmen for centuries. Most of whom weren’t surfers, fishermen, skateboarders, or rock climbers like the Forrer Brothers.” – JW

 “The Forrer Brothers at Mammoth Lakes, CA” –  is a fly fishing and rock climbing adventure piece with Michael and Jacob Forrer. Produced for the lifestyle brand and Bluetooth speaker company G-Project.

Camera work: Nils Carlson, Jay Watson
Director: Jay Watson
Music: “Hang Man Blues” by Andrew Judah

Shooting At Mammoth Lakes

Photography and video from this project was used to promote the product release of G-Project’s ruggedized G-Drop and G-Tube bluetooth speakers by encouraging enjoyment of the outdoors with the tagline “Get Out and Play.” Over the course of 5 days camping, hiking, fishing, and climbing in the Mammoth Lakes area, we shot a few terabytes of video and several thousand images. The work was also featured in Refueled Magazine, the social media accounts of G-Project, GearProject, Born To Hike, Westcott Lighting, Lexar, and won first place in Rangefinder Magazine’s Lifestyle Photo Awards.

This project took on a life of it’s own. None of it could have happened without the spirit of Michael and Jacob Forrer, Spencer Siegrist, Nils Carlson, the team at G-Project, or without the inspiration from the epic landscapes of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains. There needs to be more days like these – with or without cameras. It was one of the most rewarding projects to date.

Equipment list for photo shoot at Mammoth Lakes, CA

Behind The Scenes

Highlights of Shooting At Mammoth Lakes:

• Meteor showers and campfires.
• The uninvited visitor who crashed our campsite and insisted we were surrounded by aliens.
• Funky colored sunsets from the smoke of nearby forest fires.
• Driving down washboard forest roads.
• Getting a front end alignment after the shoot.

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Rock climbing the Eastern Sierras with the Forrer Brothers
Fly fishing at Mammoth Lakes with the Forrer Brothers

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