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Video: Panorama Meats | Whole Foods Market

It would be tough to cover in a single day the entire process of operating a ranch and raising organic grass-fed cattle, but at least we can show part of the routine. Whole Foods Market sent us to Pete’s Valley Cattle in Winters, CA with Chef Melissa King to film ranchers Rick Harrison and Richard Stewart. Here is our finished 3 minute video edit from the project Whole Food’s partnership with Panorama Meats.

Ranchers Rick Harrison and Richard Stewart filmed in Winters, CA with Chef Melissa King | Whole Foods Market

Camera work: Nils Carlson, Jay Watson
Director: Jay Watson
Editor: Michael Altino

The land at Pete’s Valley Cattle is made of large grazing fields, small rolling hills, and steep rocky terrain. The views are just as fitting for a California plein-air painter as they are for cattle. With over 6,000 acres, the ranchers know the location of every cow including the occasional rebel that has to be brought down the mountain after roaming off while in search of tender grass. Ironically the dogs do most of the work at Pete’s Valley Cattle. Rancher Wayde Harrison relies on the help of over 5 well trained work dogs to distribute the load – American pit bulls. The breed has have been used in the US since the early 20th century as “catch dogs” on cattle ranches. Wade’s dogs were eager to do the work, so we didn’t need to stage any of this footage for the video. It was an epic day on location for us, but just a normal day at the ranch for everyone else.

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