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Portraits Of The Crew | Socksmith

My last post featured images from the summer catalog and lookbook photo shoot in Monterey, CA for the footwear brand Socksmith. Despite the rain, a highlight of the job was getting to work with everyone on set. Anything can happen on location. Long hours, dicey weather, bad jokes, changes with the location, or other unplanned events. I take my work pretty seriously, but there is never a reason to be a hot head. It’s just photography. So getting to work with people who keep a positive vibe is really appreciated. It makes the photography better and the day more fun. For these reasons and more, I’m glad to share a few portraits of the crew from this shoot.



Producer + Art Director: Judi Oyama | Maximum Impact Design
Talent: Hunter Gil, Katie Short, Katie Steidl, Ricardo Taboada, Annie Patusch of Santa Crew Brew Cruz
Assistant: Nils Carlson
Video: Steve Cassingham | Metastyle Films
Locations: Marina Beach, Moss Landing, Monterey, Pacific Grove

We drove around, shot several scenes, hung out in the rain, and drank coffee.

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