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Davante Adams, NFL wide receiver | Matrix Fitness

NFL wide receiver Davante Adams gives an overview of his home gym in this social media promo spot for Matrix Fitness.

The Forrer Brothers at Mammoth Lakes, CA | G-Project

An outdoor fly fishing and rock climbing adventure video with the Forrer Brothers at Mammoth Lakes, CA. Shot for the lifestyle brand and bluetooth speaker company G-Project. Music by Andrew Judah.



Diestel Turkey Ranch. Sonora, CA

Three generations of family farmers from the Diestel Turkey Ranch explain their history and process. The ranch merges traditional farming methods with modern practices of sustainability, organic feeds, composting, and recycling water. Shot at multiple locations in Sonora, CA. Know your farmer.



Formula 3 Racing at Sonoma Raceway

A promotional driver video piece covering formula 3 racing. Shot at Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, CA.



Panorama Meats | Whole Foods Market

Ranchers Richard Stewart and Rick Harrison of Panorama Meats are interviewed by Chef Melissa King for Whole Foods Market. The ranchers share their history and process involved with raising grass fed cattle in Northern California. Know your farmer.



Pozzi Ranch | Whole Foods Market

Rancher and land conservationist Joe Pozzi speaks with Chef Melissa King about raising lambs on the rolling green hills of his ranch in Valley Ford, CA. Shot for Whole Foods Market. Know your farmer.



Roasts with Chef Trent Page | Whole Foods Market

Chef Trent Page of Whole Foods shares (3) new holiday roasts available at Whole Foods Market stores in Northern California.



“Besides getting great footage, a goal on these gigs is to always have a great day on location!” – JW