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Editorial Products | Garage Magazine

Below are a few items I shot for product reviews in Garage Magazine. Sometimes they get some absurd stuff. There are only so many hot rod related tchotchkes that a man can take. These were pretty goofy, but thank God I don’t have to shoot a lazy susan car seat in a lowrider. Yeah, they really exist


Pacer and Gremlin Toy Cars on Trash Day

Pacer and Gremlin cars on trash day in Suburbia.

A suburban landscape was scouted and photographed for the background image. The Pacer & Gremlin toy cars are only a little cooler than the real thing. This combo was put together for an editorial product review for Garage Magazine’s recent issue.


Have A Drink On Me Drink Dispenser


“Have A Drink On Me” drink dispenser. A self portrait.


“Have A Drink On Me.” Clip on dispenser product review.

A self portrait and editorial product photography assignment for Garage Magazine. Yeah, it really works.






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