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Editorial: Google CEO Sundar Pichai | Telegraph (UK)


“You’ll only have 15 minutes,” said the PR person on the phone who was in charge of keeping Google CEO Sundar Pichai on schedule during my upcoming photo shot for The Telegraph (UK).

I arrived 2 hours early to find parking, locate the right building at Google’s huge campus in Mountain View, meet the contact, scout a primary spot, scout a secondary spot, set-up your equipment, do a few test shots, and then wait…

“We are a bit behind, so now you’ll only have 5 minutes to shoot,” said the PR person a few minutes before Sundar Pichai arrived. Sure. I’ll just scrap my third spot down the hall and stick with options 1 and 2.

A minute later he arrives. “Hi Mr Pichai. I’m Jay, and this is for The Telegraph UK. Nice to meet you.” Click. Click. Click for a few dozen shots at the first spot. “Two minutes,” the PR person announces. Click. Click. Click for a few dozen frames at the second spot. After a few more clicks I say, “okay we are done. Thanks so much for the time. I really do appreciate it.”


Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Mountain View, CA | The Telegraph (UK)


Google CEO Sundar Pichai, at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA


“It’s only been 4 minutes, so you still have 1 more minute to shoot,” said the PR contact.

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