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Tattoo Artist Freddy Corbin | Inked Magazine

The November issue of Inked Magazine features a multi page piece I shot of Oakland tattoo artist Freddy Corbin (not without incident, see below) for the “Icons” section. This may not be the most timeliest piece of news but hey, it was a fairly busy month. Mr. Corbin also makes an appearance in the season finale of Sons Of Anarchy which airs this week on FX. SOA is a soap opera filled with guns, snitches, politics, and thugs. Freddy is too nice for any of those parlor games so I look forward to seeing his cameo.


Freddy Corbin, Oakland, CA | Inked Magazine.
Freddy Corbin, Oakland, CA | Inked Magazine

Bio on the contributor’s page | Inked Magazine

On a side note, Freddy “collects” tattoos from his friends who are not tattoo artists. Would you do that for friendship? It was cool of the mag to list me as a contributor, and I hope to visit Freddy’s shop again in the future.

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7 Responses to Tattoo Artist Freddy Corbin | Inked Magazine

  1. Jay!!! Again, I looooved this spread in Inked! It was fabulous and I was excited when it came in the mail to see your work!!! Great job Jay!

  2. Thanks everyone for the props.

    Joe – I tried to remind myself how funny that blown flash tube was when I had to buy a new one for $120. At least I didn’t drop a lens. That would have put me in stitches from the laughter.

  3. Freddy Corbin is really a tattoo legend. I love this portrait. He’s my laptop wallpaper now!

  4. Thanks Michael. I recently found out this portrait is being painted by an artist for a gallery show (she asked for permission first). Glad you dig the original. Freddy is a great guy.

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