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Tearsheet of hip hop artist A.B.S. | XXL Magazine

Tearsheet | Editorial portrait of hip hop artist A.B.S in XXL Magazine.

The hip hop music and entertainment magazine XXL Mag got in touch for a piece on Philly born rapper Chris “A.B.S.” Schaefer in San Francisco. He was the winner of a rap battle sponsored by Corona, so XXL assigned me to photograph A.B.S for a full page feature. Ahh….. the full page editorial portrait. This is the holy grail of editorial photography and a highly coveted space for any portrait photographer. God bless print.

• • •

Portrait of A.B.S. | XXL Magazine. My version of the final image.

• • •

A.B.S. on location in San Francisco, CA. Not knowing if the feature would be a single page or a double page spread, we shot the location options in both landscape and portrait formats.

• • •

Portraits and outtakes of hip hop artist A.B.S. from the studio set up.

• • •

BTS. A behind the scenes shot of the location set up. Yeah we were working right next to a live train line, and we were trespassing. So what. It’s for hip hop.

• • •

BTS. A behind the scenes shot of the “studio” set up.

There was no smoke and mirrors. The photo editor asked for a location scene plus a studio shot, so  we took the studio to the location to save time. Besides getting a full page in the mag, the best part of this gig was getting kicked off the train tracks by the transit police, plus jawing with Chris over hoops and family life. He’s solid. We share an East Coast connection, respect for old school rhymes, and love for Allen Iverson. Plus I dig the humor in his music.

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  1. Jay — I wish I had seen this post in a more timely manner so I could have commented in person during the holidays. I love this post and my favorite parts are your behind-the-scenes sharing and commentary filled with Jay-isms. I hope 2013 brings many more full-page editorial portraits your way.

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