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Sinners & Jammers

Sinners and Jammers. From the collection of Jason Jessee

I have been working with art director, designer, artist, and good friend Brian Bounds on a new project. Brian is collaborating with skateboarding pro, artist, builder, and genius Jason Jessee on a massive undertaking that involves me switching into product photographer mode.  We are photographing and cataloging Jason’s art and personal collection of artifacts that represent his lifestyle. Not sure how much info I should put out there about this business, but I am really enjoying it. I always learn something new about skate history with every visit to Jason’s shop. He is true blue, and my favorite thing about Jason is that he is a fan of everyone!

This Sinners motorcycle jacket above has been photographed in many different magazines, including an image I shot for Garage Magazine. Ironically it has never been photographed from the back. Until now, and it rules.

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Jay Watson
San Francisco Bay Area based lifestyle and people photographer Jay Watson shoots editorial, apparel, automotive, corporate, and sports subjects for commercial clients. Published in over 70 magazines.

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