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Interview: Refueled Magazine issue 05


Publisher Chris Brown of Refueled Magazine hooked me up with a 12 page spread and interview in the newly released #05 summer issue. You can check out issue #05 from the beginning, or just the Jay Watson interview in Refueled Mag #05 here.

You’ll never guess who did the interview. Wait for it….my wife! Chris asked Jamie, who spent at least two weeks developing her questions, to interview me for a feature. She avoided the typical stuff and asked questions I never thought about before. Jamie impresses me in everything she does and Chris did a killer job with the layout. He added graphical elements that complement the images without causing distractions. That is smart design and Chris does this with every single page of each issue.

California themed images and interview in Refueled Magazine

Refueled Magazine exemplifies the creative possibilities of online publishing. Editor Chris Brown is drawing a wider audience and has ventured into book publishing. He’s good at making his content available. Mags are available digitally as well as for print purchase including back issues. Too bad I can’t get some Thrasher Magazine reprints. 

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4 Responses to Interview: Refueled Magazine issue 05

  1. Very cool, interesting to hear your thoughts on the future of the industry too.

    Funny to see Mr John Waire commenting above, another of my favourite photographers from Baltimore with the initials JW! Small world and all…

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