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Below is an editorial portrait of biologist Janine Benyus for Future Magazine, a Swedish publication about engineering. Photographed at the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens, Janine Benyus is a founder of the Biomimicry Guild which specializes in finding solutions to modern design problems by studying answers that exist in nature. She has worked with the automotive industry by experimenting with paint finishes that perform like a leaf that washes itself with the help of raindrops. In our conversation on the day of the shoot Janine told me about wrapping synthetic fabrics over buildings to improve the efficiency of the building’s heating and insulation. Imagine walking into a building with cloth fabric on the outside! This is very interesting and powerful science. Maybe Janine can find a solution to the BP oil spill in the Gulf. She is a getting a lot of attention for her research and these photos were also published this month by the French science and technology magazine Science & Vie. Big ups to the Euros for sending me some gigs in San Francisco!

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