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Works On Wood. Mattson Art Show Benefit | San Diego, CA

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Photo illustration cowboy portrait on wood. Salinas, CA
Surfer 16. Kapaa, HI. Photo illustration of surf scene on wood.

Above are two pieces I will be showing at Surfindian in San Diego on June 26th for the Mattson Family Art Benefit. News of the art show just got picked up by Transworld Business and Surfline. Should be a great crowd. Over 50 available pieces have been donated by dozens of artists for the auction.

With only 5 hours sleep, Jamie and I drove from San Francisco to San Diego in 10 hours on Tuesday. The hardest stretch was the first hour leaving home. Sleepy! The rest was almost easy. We stopped in Pismo Beach for coffee jammed with espresso shots, and picked up some art from Theo Hetherington at his Huntington Beach studio near midnight. We flew past all of So Cal’s beach towns as if we owed them money. I could have driven all the way to Mexico. The Beats were looking down on us and they were proud.

On Wed, we met up with surfboard shaper-artist-project manager-family man Clayfin at his home in Carlsbad and picked up one of his gems for the show. Then down to Pacific Beach to drop off all the art with Chris at Surfindian. SF could use a guy like Chris and a place like Surfindian. Gallery first then boutique surf paraphernalia second (videos, mags, books, and yes cool T shirts). Today we pick up more loot for the show and hang it!

My wife has a new board ready at Moonlight Glassing, but we’re too busy to pick it up.  Or surf it!

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6 Responses to Works On Wood. Mattson Art Show Benefit | San Diego, CA

  1. hey jay. i’ve been following your blog for awhile and i also had your intro to digital class in the summer of 07. any way i really like your pieces for the show. i was just wondering how you mounted them so the highlights are transparent and as a whole its so clean looking?

  2. Nice work as usual Jay. I read about the show on TWB earlier this week. Cool to know you were a part of it.

    I was wondering the same as zac wray…

  3. Hey Zac
    I remember you in my class. Just checked your site. Surprised you would be asking me how I did something now that you have picked up the Photo Illustration skills.

    Here is my cryptic answer…. Both pieces are a composite of multiple images. The Cowboy is a portrait (selected then made into a stamp effect then just the blacks were selected again) over top of an image of wood. Custom PhotoShop texture brushes were made to bust up some uniform tones. The Cowboy is about 10 different layers with various blending modes to keep it from looking like a normal “overlay” blending mode. Surfer 16 has close to 24 images with similar technique. Each of the 16 images in the grid are slightly different. The finished images were then mounted on wood by Plywerk. Needless to say they each took a few hours.

    They both sold at the show!

    Zig – so cool you saw the announcement on TWB. You don’t miss anything man.

  4. Ah I see it now, i wish i could have seen them in person. i didn’t even think about photoshop, cause the cowboy looks like he was burned into the wood. Also surfer 16 look like the inkjet transfer technique. i’ve been playing around a lot with using that and trying to use watercolor paints as the background.

    also, its cool you remembered me, cause a couple times i was going to stop by and say hi but wasn’t sure if you would remember me. next time i’ll be sure to stop by to say hey. congrats on the sale too.

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