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Steamer Lane • Santa Cruz, CA

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A 6sec exposure of an 8ft+ wave crashing on surfers. Steamer Lane. Santa Cruz, CA

One of the best things about the San Francisco Bay Area is being close to 36° 57′ 18″ N x 122° 1′ 28″ W (Latitude: 36.95521, Longitude: -122.02458). There are many spots to visit in Northern California but none of them quite like Steamer Lane. It’s a great place to watch pros, kooks, hot heads, legends, groms, hippies, Uncles, campers, pirates, paddlers, and seals. That is the magic of SC. It has something for all of us.

After a late evening session at the inside peak earlier this summer, I decided to photograph the moving water instead of the surfers. Due to the slow shutter speed in the last image above, the 5-10 guys scrambling in the water are invisible after being caught by one of the larger 8ft+ sets. You can’t see them, but they are there.

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