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To-Do List

A to-do list of personal goals, and photography related goals. Did I miss anything?






4 Responses to To-Do List

  1. I like seeing these, most of which I knew about. I will support you in making all of your goals come true. But you keep forgetting about building my vegetable boxes.

    your wife

  2. Hey, there’s a Hornet parked in my ‘hood. Cute ride.

    And I just happened upon your new website! It looks slick. I added your name to my company’s list of “photography resources” so hopefully someday we can funnel some projects your way.

    Take care,

  3. Tearing a phone book in half is easy if you take it a few pages at a time.

    Why do photographers have such a hard time taking snapshots?


  4. Jay I just bought a trailer for the Idaho property. The log cabin is next year. I like your new site very much and really like the railroad images. I am starting to figure out my site. I have 20 new paintings to post so I hope to figure it out by summers end. You and Jamie should come by for a bar B que when your schedule allows. I just put in a huge vegetable garden. Jim

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