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Lifestyle + Product Video Shoot for Eton

Here is a video I directed for Eton Corp to promote the Eton Rugged rukus, a wireless Bluetooth solar powered speaker. Over the course of 2-days, we filmed outdoors at Bay Area locations in Aptos, Nisene Marks, and Woodside, CA. The goal for this lifestyle product photography and video shoot was to showcase Eton’s products for a new campaign. The video was primarily used for social media, while many of the photos below were printed up to 12 feet for Eton’s trade show booths.

director + photography: Jay Watson
producer: Judi Oyama of Maximum Impact Design
video camera: Nils Carlson
1st assistant: Lance Yamamoto
editor: Denise Gallant + Kevin Monahan
talent: Eric Clarkson, Allison Twisselman, Emmanuel Guzman, Julian Sunn, Vicky Jones, Logan Halliwell, Katie Steidl, Naomi Kelley, Sara Johnson, Michelle Mathews, Michael + Wynn Webb and kids.

Beach lifestyle and product photography scenes with the Eton Rugged rukus at Aptos, CA.
Beach lifestyle. Aptos, CA.
Julian sneak attacks the models with his best cannonball stage left. Woodside, CA.
Logan with the Eton Rukus XL among the redwoods in Aptos, CA
Allison hiking the redwoods on a lifestyle shoot w/ the Rugged rukus. Aptos, CA

Behind The Scenes
Images below are from the Instagram feed of producer Judi Oyama of Maximum Impact Design

Working On An Eton Product Shoot

Since shooting photography and video requires a few extra hands, I asked some people from the crew to share their experience about working on this project.

Lance Yamamoto (assistant):

My job on the Eton shoot was to be the first assistant to the photographer and to assist the videographer (Nils) when needed. I unloaded gear from the truck, set up lights that I knew Jay would use, and did everything I could to make Jay’s workflow go as smoothly as possible.

I had a copy of the shot list so after each shot I would double check with Jay, cross off a shot from the list, and would move the equipment to the next spot while he worked with the art directors. When you’re the assistant, your job is to work just as hard as the photographer and to make sure everything runs smoothly. It’s the equivalent to how Robin is to Batman.

Jay always knew what to do for each shot to get it done as efficiently as possible. He adapted to every obstacle that came our way and had everything under control the entire time. This job taught me a lot about being able to problem solve under constant pressure. Having a great team that has your back is nice to have as well. Everyone worked really hard on this project and it was inspiring to see a group of creative individuals working together to create something great.”

Judi Oyama (producer):

Finding fit talent in Santa Cruz is easy, but having everything available on the shoot days was a challenge due to changes with the schedule. Thankfully we have great connections with local surf, skate, and outdoors store owners for wardrobe. I tried to choose colors that provided the best contrast for each location.

For props I borrowed my kids’ backpacks, boogie boards, and other items from our camp gear. When I needed the latest and greatest I relied on my contacts at NHS, Jam Collective PR, and other companies. Many of our models have worked with us in the past on other shoots and were willing to be available for this shoot.

Working with a tight crew of people that got along well paid off big time. Plus everyone was excited to be involved with Eton. The end result comes from the camerawork, but I help to package it up, add what I know, and bring everything to the table so it all comes together.”

Some Not-So-Technical Info About This Shoot:

• Day 1 was a +17 hour round trip work day that made me punch drunk on occasion.
• When I was directing I wanted to be behind the camera. When I was behind the camera I wanted to be the director.
• For video we used the Kessler Pocket Dolly, Cinevate Pegasus Slider, and a Glidecam for tracking motion.
• Most challenging – developing the shot list. Eton products are packed with features so we never ran out of ideas.
• Most rewarding – working outdoors with fun people

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