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Being Versatile: Wedding Photography

Portrait of the bride after the wedding. © Jay Watson Photograph

Portrait of the bride, Sonora, CA @ Jay Watson Photography

 I got a call from a young couple in New York who liked my editorial work and asked me to shoot their wedding in Sonora, CA. Wedding photography involves a combination of lifestyle, apparel, documentary, and editorial work. So it can be a good fill-in gig for the right commercial shooter.

Wedding photography. Is it stressful? Well… Yes it is a one time event that you CAN NOT screw up. Compared to a commercial shoot it is a little less stressful. You get to be the art director. There is less equipment, no noisy generators, less location scouting, less post production work (arguable), no page layout concerns, and no press deadlines.

Just bring the right gear, a creative approach, stay loose, stay ready, and shoot, shoot, shoot.

The wedding couple at their wedding. © Jay Watson Photography

The wedding couple, Sonora, CA @ Jay Watson Photography

3 Responses to Being Versatile: Wedding Photography

  1. I agree. Shooting weddings can be fun (as long as the B is not a “B-Zilla”.

    I find I enjoy shooting weddings for the reasons you mentioned, but I also enjoy really making people happy.

    Unlike an art director or photo editor who is just glad their ass was saved by my coming through on an assignment, the B & G, are truly happy with the photographs I’ve made of their special day.
    They will cherish my photos for years to come.

    That’s a nice feeling.

  2. I just noticed this post. About a year ago my aunt remarried my uncle. (Long story.) They hired a photographer, but I brought my gear anyway. Since there was no pressure on me, I took a lot of fun candids and more “artsy” stuff. Then, inexplicably, the photographer bailed before they cut the cake. Guess who was the only one there with a decent camera? 🙂

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